Parcel Mix Super Meriah

  • Delfi Twister Chocolate
  • Monde Butter Cookies 150g
  • Gery Egg Roll 210g
  • Ultra Susu Plain 1000ml
  • Choice L Syrup  Strawberry 600ml
  • Belycs Fruit Coctail 565g
  • Maxtea Terikk 5’s x x 25g
  • Good Day Cappucino Box 5’s x 25 g
  • Oran C Orange 250 ml
  • Selamat Wafer Tin 200g
  • Entrasol Quick Start Chocolate 5 x 30g
  • Relaxa Fstive 212g
  • Olatte Milky & Fruity Apple 240ml
  • Cup Saucer X 4 Set
  • Biggy Box Exclusive
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